Tacoma Business Coach? Tacoma Business Consultant?

"Coaching" is becoming a buzz word, the latest cure-all for what ails you, and many consultants are now calling themselves coaches because the term is becoming more popular. There is one very basic difference between a coach and a consultant, however.

What is a Tacoma Business Consultant?

First, consultants are important. They fill a need in every type of business. A consultant is not a coach, however. Here is an example of a business consultant:

Joe, the owner of a construction company, has heard about a new widget that improve productivity and lower injuries. That is fantastic news! He has also learned that several companies sell different types of widgets, and some training needs to be done in order to use it properly no matter which widget he buys.

Joe hires Mike, a Tacoma Business Consultant. The consultant comes in, learns about Joe's needs, then Mike gives specific advice on which style of widget does what. Once Joe and Mike decide which widget is best, Joe buys it and Mike proceeds to train Joe and the employees on its use.

The consultant is the expert and provides tools as well as advice on how to proceed.

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What is a Tacoma Business Coach?

The last section talks about what a consultant is. Here we will take the same scenario, but in the realm of a coach.

Joe still has a construction company and wants that new widget for his company. So Joe hires Ty, a Tacoma Business Coach (no relation). Ty comes in and asks Joe what his goals are for his business and how he sees this widget fitting into those goals in the long run. This widget, it turns out, is very expensive, requires a lot of training, and only helps with one specific type of construction.

Joe determines that this widget will be worth the price. So he and Ty get together where Ty asks Joe how he would like to implement the widget. Where and when would Joe like the training to be done? What obstacles might be in the way? If this widget is successful, what are Joe's plans for growth? Where does Joe see this widget taking his business?

The client is the expert. The coach helps the client unlock the expertise the client already has inside himself.

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Do I need a Consultant or a Coach?

Chances are, you need a bit of both. There are some areas that maybe you just have no idea how to proceed, and you are stuck. There may be some other areas in which you think you are stuck, but something inside yourself is holding you back more than anything outside.
Zig Ziglar was known for saying that your business is never good or bad out there, your business is good or bad in your head.

A good business coach will help you unlock your expertise and help you to gain the confidence to go farther than you have before, but will also take of his "coaching hat" and put on his "consulting hat" when the need arises or, as I like to say, "Coach-Sulting."

Coaching is all about helping you create your amazing tomorrow, and only you know what that looks like!

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